Hi everyone and welcome,

My name is Mike and I am Professional kids portrait and headshot photographer based in London. 

My adventure with photography started in 2010. Since then, the camera has been with me in every single day. The camera is not just a tool for me, but is very unique so I am trying to introduce the unforgettable moments of life of all people, to show the other person's interior and capture the emotions that will remain in memory for longer. In my work I’m trying put all my passion and true commitment. 

Why did I chose photography?  

I think this is a area in where you can express yourself through picture who presented. It has become a passion for me which is giving my great pleasure. Thanks to her I can to grow, gain experience and meet new interesting people. With each new day
I learn something new which I can use in everyday life. Is not all about to do quick picture because everyone can do it. I believe that the most important thing is to show the personality of people and capture the feeling that prevails at the moment. Thanks to them the photo becomes merrier, joyful and full of colours. I strongly believe that good atmosphere on the shoot is half of success.