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business portrait photography

In the digital communication age having great business portrait photography to promote your brand and services is a critical tool for your online and media presentation.

Such images were perhaps once just the domain of Linkedin and maybe for internal work reasons. But with organisations and individuals being able to reach their client base and future customers on a myriad of internet and non online platforms the quality and style of the photography you choose is hugely important. So it’s not surprising now that many people are taking a far more considered and creative approach to their business photography.

This is something I specialise in and it was great to recently hook up with two guys who run the KrushNetwork, a platform for people from the LGBT community to book organised networking events. Knowing that a formal headshot might look a little staid we soon found ourselves on a London office rooftop overlooking the city creating some business portraits that epitomise the exciting dynamism of their start up venture.

And what a fantastic, and challenging, shoot it was. First off it was a fabulous location and amazing weather, almost too good with the sun often being too strong for the look we needed. So it took the skill and experience of a professional photographer to overcome and work with these challenges. As always I came prepared and was able to balance the changing conditions with some portable lights I had figured I’d likely need. As you can see the results are fantastic and my clients are overjoyed and just how great they turned out. A perfect set of business portrait photography communicating their brand and character.

Of course, none of this means the traditional business portrait photography in an office or studio is old fashioned, people will always need them and I will always look after that style. But doesn’t it look amazing when you think slightly out of the box ? Or in this case out of the building and on to the roof. 

portrait photography london
portrait photographer london
portrait photographer