Portrait Photography London, Stratford - using only natural light

portrait photography london

portrait photography london

My latest portrait photography. You will not believe it but  I made this image using only natural light. Right people only natural light.
It was quite cloudy day. I met with the model in town and started to walk for some time to find the right place. Normally I do not pull out the camera right away as soon as I meet with the client and not jumping around them. The first thing I do is try to get to know them, then trying to make them feel comfortable, then start shooting. After some time walking, and common conversation I found a place that was good. 
I pulled the camera from the bag and I started to set it up. Believe me or not but I've tried different settings on my camera but the ones that I liked the most were:

ISO 125

Canon 5D mark III and Sigma 85mm 1.4 - great lens and camera 

Exposure was -2/3. That was perfect exposure that I wanted to get. Not bright at all but underexpose. I enclose a photo below (straight from the camera). 

I focused on the eye.
Little curiosity for all interested: 
As long as you shooting on a very small aperture like f/1.8, 1.4 and even 1.2 you shouldn't move your camera at all. Try to set yours position and the camera position that a focus point will be on one of the closest eyes. You can always crop the image later. Remember one thing... even the smallest shake will causes the image would be soft and a little blurry, and we do not want that, right?

Ok, so we done here, and now it's time for some fun in Photoshop.

The first thing what I did was I started to delete all the things with Spot Healing Brush, Clone Tool and Patch Tool. Of course, sometimes the process takes time. Believe me, you better do something longer and more accurately, than later regret and do everything again.

Then I started to remove bruises under her eyes. For me personally the best way is to use curves. Of course, you can use the dodge and burn tools and also one of the healing brush. Everyone has their own way to do this so I leave it to each of you individually.

Next process was to dodge and burn the whole face and hair. There is so many ways to do it. Important thing is that you guys have chosen the one which fits you the most.

How to get the proper tones in the picture? 
This is a question that many people has been asking me so far. What exactly I've done to get it right? I tell you guys that i didn't do that much. In this case I used Levels where i changed the channel RGB to BLUE and I added a little blue in the shadows and a little yellow in highlight. Then I played with white balance. After that I added a bit of contrast using BLACK/WHITE Layer and have changed the blend mode to Soft Light. Then I used the new BLACK/WHITE Layer to remove a little colours from the face. And that's it!

You really have to play with everything. You Attempt until finally something will come. There is no way for abbreviations. There is no rules for it. Every picture is different and each requires a different style. On one image you will spend moments, on the second u might spend a few hours to make sure everything is perfect. Of course, the end result is to sharpen all the details of the image especially eyes, eyelids, mouth. It took me some time to finished this image but I think came out pretty good.